My top three tips to up your video content in 2019

So it’s 2019 and you’re thinking how can I grow my brand, business or just get out there more? Well one way is video for sure. Every year, video content continues to grow, and in 2019, video content is expected to once again dominate the market.  You’ve heard the stats and if you haven’t here it is in 2019 80% of what we consume online will soon be video content, especially live videos. Having always been popular on YouTube, the video trend has now taken over Facebook and Instagram, to the point when we get notified when someone is going live.

 Video is arguably the most entertaining and addicting form of content online. In fact, according to Google, half of 18-to-34-year-old YouTube subscribers would drop what they’re doing to watch a new video by their favourite creator. Now that’s a lot of potential people for you to engage.  

 So what can you do to up your video game in 2019? Here are my top three tips to get you started and get you some smoking hot content!


Start a Vlog

Vlogging is huge on YouTube. Vloggers film multiple aspects of their daily lives and it covers everything so don’t hold yourself back and think that you’re too boring. Topics range from preparing breakfast, hair and beauty tips to product demos and things like exercise regimes and yoga poses or even going on vacation. “Why do a Vlog?” you ask. Well, vlogging gives your viewers a peek into your life and can help you form a better connection with them. Also the best vlogs add value to their audience’s lives. People don’t want to be sold an item they want to learn something and if they buy something some you in the meantime, then great!

 I mean check out, someone like Gary Vaynerchuk who does vlogging well with his YouTube channel, which has nearly two million subscribers. His videos are a mix of vlogging the behind-the-scenes of his daily life and doling out valuable business advice.

 Vlogging is a great way to grow your audience and your brand/business since it’s so affordable. Technically, all you need is your smartphone, editing software and a YouTube channel. It’s not something I’m just going to write, I’m going to show you so stay tuned for Vlogs from Red Cactus Media via YouTube.


Do a Live video

Everyone’s gone live, you’ve heard of  Instagram Live, Facebook Live and live streaming on other platforms like Youtube and Twitch, live video for business will become even bigger in 2019. How many times have you stopped to watch your fave celeb doing a live video hmm? So why not do one.

With live video, your viewers feel that you’re speaking directly with them; and they're typically going to chime in on the conversation by commenting and asking questions in real-time. The added personalization in live videos often encourages viewers to stick around longer and be more engaged, too.

The scope is endless, if you’re in the health and wellness sector, for example, you can show off new products and offer tutorials and demonstrations. If you do coaching or are a musician,  webinars, question and answer sessions, interviews, live tours and more so the scope . I know it means putting yourself out there more but it’s a simple and free way to boost brand awareness.


360-degree videos

These videos have shown themselves to be a truly unique and interactive experience; and their use in marketing will continue to grow next year. They are an awesome way to immerse your audience members in the feeling that you’re trying to convey and give them a taste of a particular experience.

They can be used by a number of other industry segments such as real estate, retail, events and promotions, museums and galleries, car dealerships and more. So if you’re at an event and it’s buzzing, why not give people a taste of what you’re up to. Nat Geo use it to great effect. If you want to create 360-degree videos for your business, it’s not as difficult as you might think. All you have to do is invest in a good camera, a GoPro for instance, and stitch your 360-degree video together using editing software.


Final thoughts: Youtube ads over TV ads

So you’ve made a video now what? How can I get it out there?  TV used to be the place where businesses would want their ads to play. They could reach thousands upon thousands of people right in their own living rooms. But going into 2019, fewer companies will be putting their money into TV ads and instead turning to Youtube ads. Not only are Youtube ads less expensive than prime time TV ads, but they reach more people. According to Brandwatch the platform has 1.9bn logged on users a month! That’s a hell of a reach. Netflix has started testing ads on its platform, more companies will be turning to Youtube next year to get their video advertisements in front of a large audience which doesn't mind seeing ads ahead of video content. If it’s good enough for Netflix then, have at it.

So over to you. Now that you’ve got some ideas for 2019, your business will be able to get out there and stay in front og the competition. Remember to always create entertaining and useful videos and you’ll be able to capture the attention of your audience every time.

If you want to chat video and see how it can help your brand or organisation get in touch or email . Always happy to help.